The IV International Congress on Infusion Therapy Proceedings

Influence of Rhesorbilact on rheological properties of blood in patients with acute peritonitis
Resolutions draft of the IV International Congress on Infusion Therapy
Efficiency of nitrate oxide donor Tivortin in women with post-infarction cardiosclerosis in the perimenopausal period with heart failure Rofieva H.Sh.
Application of indirect electrochemical oxidation of blood in a complex of intensive therapy in children with urolithiasis complicated with chronic kidney disease
Optimization of therapy in patients with renal hypertension by stabilizing hemovascular hemostasis
Combination of the therapy of the anticoagulants and Tivortin in patients with cardiac ishemia at COVID-19
Infusion therapy in treatment of patients with acute coronary syndrome
Chronic pain in children with oncopathology: ways of solving the problem
Acute diffused purulent peritonitis: conceptual aspects of the modern surgical tactics
Bronchial obstruction and resistance to hypoxia in elderly patients with COPD
Clinical efficacy of L-arginin aspartate in complex treatment of patients with essential arterial hypertension with concomitant type 2 diabetes mellitus
Correction of the acid-alkaline state in patients with asthma
The role of rating scales in the diagnosis of postoperative insomnia
The possibility of using silochrome sorbents for proteinase inhibitor aprotinin
New targets of pharmacotherapy of bronchial obstruction
Current issues of application of anti-viral drugs in hematological patients with hepatitis C virus
Psychological profile of girls with menstrual cycle disorders against hyperprolactinemia
Investigation of sorption capacity of dye-affinity sorbents in the process of purification of factor VIII coagulation
The effectiveness of combined pulse therapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Role of markers of inflammation, severity and infusion therapy in COVID-19-defined pneumonia