IV International Congress on Infusion Therapy

October 12-13, 2020; Online 

For the attention of the participants of the IV International Congress on Infusion Therapy (October 12-13, 2020). 

Taking into account the epidemiological situation, the organizing committee of the Congress, in agreement with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, decided to hold the IV International Congress on Infusion Therapy  in online mode.

The Congress will take place on October 12-13, 2020. To read the rules of registration and access to the Congress broadcast, go to the section "For Participants" - "Register".

Congress participants can send their abstracts to the organizing committee and they will be published in the "Infusion & Chemotherapy" Journal with providing a Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

Authors of abstracts that will correspond to the topics of the Congress will be invited to record a video presentation (3-5 minutes), which will be posted on the Congress website. The online sections of poster reports will be accessed through the Congress website.

Participants of the Congress will receive certificates with the corresponding number of points, which will be taken into account during the certification for awarding (confirming) of a medical category in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No.446 dated 22.02.2019.

Topics of the Congress:

  • Topical Issues of Infusion Therapy in Critical Conditions and in Therapeutic Practice
  • Modern Approaches to Pain Relief according to the Latest European Guidelines
  • Rational Antibiotic Therapy and Antibiotic Resistance
  • Patient Blood Management, Current WHO Guidelines
  • The Problem of Perioperative Stress and Ways to Solve It
  • Intensive Care for Acute Stroke
  • Problems of Infusion Therapy in Cardiology and Endocrinology
  • Topical Issues of Respiratory Medicine
  • Experimental and Clinical Transfusiology
  • Controversial Issues of Infusion Therapy
  • Methods and Means of Conducting Infusion Therapy
  • Non-Intensive Infusion Therapy
  • Possibilities of Infusion Therapy at a Family Doctor
  • General (Cross-Cutting) Issues of Infusion Therapy
  • Personalized Infusion Therapy

Requirements for the Abstracts.

1. Materials must be submitted in Ukrainian (for citizens of Ukraine), and in Russian or English (for foreign citizens).

2. Abstracts of reports presented in Ukrainian or Russian must be submitted with translation into English.

3. The volume of abstracts (together with the English translation) should not exceed 2 A4 pages.

4. Formating setting:

- Microsoft Word 93-2010 editor;

- Times New Roman font (size 12 pt), line spacing - 1.5;

- margins on all sides - 2.0 cm.

- the file name must contain the author's last name in English (for example: Petrenko.doc)

- in case of several abstracts, last name of the first author and the first word of the paper title should be added after the dot (for example: Andrienko.Aktualni.doc).

The Required Structure of Abstracts *:

- title of paper in capital letters;

- last name and initials of an author/authors;

- full name of an institution (establishment, organization, department where the paper was completed), city, country;

- purpose of the research, materials and methods of its implementation, received  results and discussion, conclusions, keywords (without paragraphs).

5. The text of abstracts should not contain figures, formulas and references to literature;

6. All abbreviations (with the exception of generally accepted units of measurement) can be used only after mentioning the full term (for example: Ministry of Health of Ukraine (hereinafter - the MoH of Ukraine));

7. The title of abstracts should not contain abbreviations, as well as proprietary (trade) names of medicines, medical equipment, medical products;

8. There should be no spelling or stylistic errors in the text

9. A file with abstracts has to be attached in an e-mail;

10. The information "For correspondence" is added to the abstracts in a separate file: full name, name of institution, work address, telephone and email. The author responsible for liaising with the editorial board of the collection is listed first. The file name repeats the file name of the abstract and also contains the word "Author" after the dot (for example: Petrenko.Author.doc)


- abstracts that do not meet the above requirements or are not submitted on time WILL NOT BE REVIEWED AND PUBLISHED.

- the authors are responsible for the content of the materials.

* Sample


Andrienko A.Yu. 1, Udovenko M.V. 2 

1 Kharkiv State Medical University, Kharkiv, Ukraine 

2 Municipal Clinical Emergency Care Hospital, Kharkiv, Ukraine


Materials and methods.Text

Results and discussions.Text


Key words. Text

Materials in the specified format should be submitted until 15.09.2020 to the email address, indicating “Abstracts_Petrenko_Infusion_Congress” in the subject line, where “Petrenko” is the last name of the author of the abstracts. 

Email address for correspondence:

Contact information.

Chairman of the organizing committee: Kondratskiy Bogdan Alekseevich, +38 (067) 937-42-65

Hotline phone number: 0800-400-405

Calls from landline and mobile phones within Ukraine are free.