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We invite you to the teleconference "IV School of Infusion Therapy"
International online-conference "Life extension in menopause"
Online teleconference "ІІ Interdisciplinary collegium of neurological diseases"
Teleconference "Treat respiratory diseases with respiratory diseases - is everything as unambiguous as it seems?"
Eurasian teleconference “Delta strain. Experience of international experts”
Teleconference "Respiratory diseases treat respiratory. The impact of trigger factors on the development of bronchoobstruction"
Teleconference "COVID Long-Haul medical Rehabilitation"
Teleconference "New Wave of COVID-19: Delta Strain - Another Threat"
Teleconference "III School of Infusion Therapy"
Teleconference "Pandemic Consequences: Long COVID. The Tragedy of "Long-haulers"
Teleconference "Obstetric bleeding: a modern look at the old problem"
Teleconference “Pain Free Hospital"
Teleconference "І-st Interdisciplinary collegium of neurological diseases"
Teleconference "Treat Respiratory Diseases Respiratory. History of allergies"
Teleconference "School of Infusion Therapy" - POST-COVID, May 13, 2021
Teleconference "COVID-19: Clinical Discussion of the Main Disease Syndrome"
Teleconference "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Every move matters"
Euroasian teleconference "POST-COVID patient in focus. Long-haulers - who are they?"
Teleconference "Management of a patient with asthma, COPD. "EASY" style treatment"
Teleconference bridge "Infusion Therapy School" - COVID-19, March 25, 2021
Teleconference “Treat Respiratory Diseases Respiratory"
Teleconference "Deferred medical needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic"
Teleconference "High-risk pregnancy and childbirth. How to avoid perinatal losses"
Teleconference bridge "Stroke Management: What's New? Lawyer Consultation"
Euro-Asian teleconference "COVID-19 - about the important"
Teleconference “Treatment of Patients with COVID-19. Practical Experience of Doctors of Specialized Hospitals”
Teleconference "Treatment of COVID-19 patients. Own experience"
The IV International Congress on Infusion Therapy
Results of the III International Congress on Infusion Therapy
I International Congress on Infusion Therapy