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Teleconference "New Wave of COVID-19: Delta Strain - Another Threat"
Teleconference "III School of Infusion Therapy"
Teleconference "Pandemic Consequences: Long COVID. The Tragedy of "Long-haulers"
Teleconference "Obstetric bleeding: a modern look at the old problem"
Teleconference “Pain Free Hospital"
Teleconference "І-st Interdisciplinary collegium of neurological diseases"
Teleconference "Treat Respiratory Diseases Respiratory. History of allergies"
Teleconference "School of Infusion Therapy" - POST-COVID, May 13, 2021
Teleconference "COVID-19: Clinical Discussion of the Main Disease Syndrome"
Teleconference "Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Every move matters"
Euroasian teleconference "POST-COVID patient in focus. Long-haulers - who are they?"
Teleconference "Management of a patient with asthma, COPD. "EASY" style treatment"
Teleconference bridge "Infusion Therapy School" - COVID-19, March 25, 2021
Teleconference “Treat Respiratory Diseases Respiratory"
Teleconference "Deferred medical needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic"
Teleconference "High-risk pregnancy and childbirth. How to avoid perinatal losses"
Teleconference bridge "Stroke Management: What's New? Lawyer Consultation"
Euro-Asian teleconference "COVID-19 - about the important"
Teleconference “Treatment of Patients with COVID-19. Practical Experience of Doctors of Specialized Hospitals”
Teleconference "Treatment of COVID-19 patients. Own experience"
The IV International Congress on Infusion Therapy
Results of the III International Congress on Infusion Therapy
I International Congress on Infusion Therapy