We invite you to participate in the teleconference “Treat Respiratory Diseases Respiratory"

Respiratory diseases are a common cause of medical visits. There are many medicines in the arsenal, while not all treatment needs are still covered.

During infectious and allergic diseases of the respiratory tract, the epithelium of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract first of all suffers, which needs protection and restoration.

Leading experts in the field of pediatrics, allergology and pulmonology will share their thoughts on the need for respiratory cytoprotection in infectious - inflammatory and allergic diseases of the respiratory tract.

We invite you to participate in the teleconference “Treat Respiratory Diseases Respiratory. Respiratory cytoprotection - a prospect for the future or an already existing opportunity".

7 reports are planned and a panel discussion with doctors and experts on the appropriateness of respiratory cytoprotection in various pathological conditions: allergic and infectious rhinitis, bronchitis.

For whom: pediatricians, family doctors, general physician, allergists, pulmonologists.

  • The event will be held online
  • Participation in the teleconference is free
  • Registration is required. The number of participants is not limited
  • Registered users receive a certificate of 5 points

During the teleconference, you will learn:

  • What is Respiratory Cytoprotection
  • How it will help improve the effectiveness of respiratory therapy
  • To whom and when it is advisable to use a respiratory cytoprotector
  • Possibility of using nebulizers in the treatment of respiratory diseases during a pandemic

Teleconference organizers:

  • Association of phthisiatricians and pulmonologists of Ukraine
  • Infectious Disease Intensive Treatment Association INCURE

Media partner – Asthma and Allergy Magazine.


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