We invite you to participate in the teleconference "Interdisciplinary collegium of neurological diseases"

We are announcing a new platform for professional communication of neurologists "Interdisciplinary Collegium of Neurological Diseases". The platform will be represented by specialized scientific events that will be held once a quarter. 

At the events you will find:

  • topical issues of neurology 
  • experience of leading specialists in the treatment of neurological diseases 
  • experts of different specialties 
  • blocks with answers to your questions

We invite you to take part in the “First interdisciplinary collegium of neurological diseases” where we discuss the following topics:

  • Final results of the CTSX study (Concomitant Therapy of Stroke with Xavron) – an open-label multicenter case-control study
  • Stroke management in a neurological and anesthesia department 
  • Clinical cases 
  • Post-Covid encephalopathy: insomnia, anxiety disorders, brain fog. How to manage patients?

The event is scheduled for June 3 (Thursday) 2021 online. 

Time: from 12:00 to 17:45. 

Participation in the thematic teleconference is free, registration is required.

For whom: neurologists, anesthesiologists, therapists, family doctors


Teleconference program

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