Video of the reports from teleconference "Treatment of COVID-19 patients. Practical Experience of Doctors of Specialized Hospitals"

We share videos of all reports from the teleconference "Treatment of patients with COVID-19. Practical Experience of Doctors of Specialized Hospitals", which took place online on December 10th and gathered around 10,000 participants.

Watch the video from the teleconference (Ukrainian & Russian languages only):

Features of the diagnosis and treatment of patients with COVID-19 at different stages of medical care Golubovskaya

Own experience in managing patients with COVID-19 disease. Focus on pneumonia / Moroz

Parenteral use of acetylcysteine in the complex therapy of patients with COVID-19 / Matyukha

Challenge 2020: Promising areas of therapy for COVID-19 / Kovalenko

Features of managing a patient with chronic broncho-obstructive pulmonary diseases during COVID-19 / Ostrovskiy

Clinical and diagnostic features of COVID-19, basic principles of therapy / Yurko

Pathogenetic-syndromic tactics of managing patients with COVID-19 / Khodosh

Clinical experience of the main hospital doctor: Treatment of encephalopathy in patients with COVID-19 / Antonenkov

Prospects for the use of edaravone by patients with severe COVID-19. Own experience / Domoratskiy

Summing up the results of the teleconference

The thematic teleconference was held under the auspices of the Ukrainian Society of Infectious Disease Doctors.