Resolution of the master class "SARS: treatment should not wait"

Almost 6 000 health care specialists have registered to participate in the master class "Treat respiratory diseases respiratoryly. SARS: treatment should not wait", September 14, 2023, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Within the framework of the event, leading experts and practitioners in the field of infectious diseases, allergy, pulmonology, otolaryngology, pediatrics and pharmacology shared their expert opinions and experience of leading patients with respiratory tract infections, bronchial asthma, COPD and chronic bronchitis.

Particular attention was paid to the use of early treatment for respiratory infections, particularly to the high viral load which is a risk factor for the development of complications. Recent evidence was provided to support the benefits of early ARI treatment. And it identifies strategies to reduce viral load, which are aimed at:

  • 🏥 Reducing the risk of developing secondary infection.
  • Reducing the need for antibiotics which is critically important taking into account the rapid growth of antibiotic resistance in the world.

8 presentations were offered for the attention of participants:

➡ "The effect of the viral load on the severity of the ARI current" / Olga Golubovskaya 

➡ "Cough in the practice of a family doctor and pediatrician: the choice of rational tactics of mucolytic therapy" / Lesya Besh 

➡ "Influence of inhalation antiseptic Decasan on the development of secondary infection with CB and COPD" / Nikolay Ostrovsky 

➡ "Potential of respiratory cytoprotection to reduce bronchial hyperreactivity in patients with BA" / Elena Koloskova 

➡ "Сhildhood asthma Treatment" / Elena Rechkina 

➡ "Virus-induced vizing" / Galina Eremenko 

➡ "Efficiency of application of xylitol irrigation in respiratory diseases" / Nikolay Haytovich 

➡ "Antiseptic therapy of ENT-organs" / Bogdan Bol’

Conclusions and decisions from the discussion:

  • The effect of the viral load on the severity of the ARI is analyzed.
  • It is recommended to pay attention to the timely diagnosis and treatment of ARI.
  • The strategy of early treatment of ARI should be aimed at reducing the viral load.
  • The importance of the rational approach to the choice of mucolytic therapy methods for the correction of cough as a symptom was discussed.
  • Optimal cough treatment should take into account the importance of the symptom for the individual patient.
  • Rational mucolytic therapy should be directed towards maximizing the effect, minimizing the risk of drug interactions and systemic side effects.
  • The inhalation of a hypertonic solution of sodium chloride with hyaluronic acid can be considered a rational approach to mucolytic therapy.
  • The results of studies on the efficacy of Decasan inhalation antiseptic as an additional remedy in chronic bronchitis and COPD exacerbation are indicated.
  • The possibility of reducing the risk of hospitalization, the length of stay in the hospital, the need for antibiotics when adding Decasnan inhalations to the symptomatic therapy of chronic bronchial and lung diseases is indicated.
  • The possibilities of using respiratory cytoprotection to reduce symptoms of bronchial asthma were discussed.
  • Note the potential of this approach in reducing bronchial hyperreactivity, which is expressed in reducing the incidence of exacerbation and improving the control of symptoms of bronchial asthma.
  • Modern methods and approaches to treatment of bronchial asthma in children have been identified. The importance of individual approach to each patient has been emphasized.
  • The possibility of using xylitol irrigation for the treatment of respiratory diseases was discussed. The results of studies of the effectiveness of this method in reducing the symptoms and preventing the development of complications in acute azofaringitis of infectious and allergic genesis have been revealed.
  • The importance of antiseptic therapy for the treatment of ENT-organ diseases was emphasized.
  • Pay attention to the experience and effectiveness of this method in practice.

Each of these subjects make an important contribution to understanding and improving the treatment of respiratory infections and respiratory diseases.

You can download the text of the Resolution by this link.

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