Resolution of the teleconference "Treat Respiratory Diseases Respiratory. History of allergies"

Almost 4 500 health care specialists have registered to participate in the Teleconference «Respiratory diseases should be treated locally. History of allergy» which was held on May 25, 2021.

The leading experts in the sphere of Pediatrics, Allergology and Otolaryngology have shared their practical experience of management of patients with allergic diseases of airways within the framework of the event and have presented new opportunities for better quality of life. 

Seven main reports were offered to the participants for review and discussion and they were dealing with the following issues:

  • What is “Breathering” procedure 
  • How “Breathering” will help in treatment of allergic diseases of airways 
  • The role of inhalation therapy in treatment of airways inflammatory diseases 
  • The role of respiratory cytoprotection in management of allergic diseases 

Conclusions and decisions based on discussion of reports:

• The allergic rhinitis as a “barrier” disease is an IgE-mediated inflammatory disease of nose mucous membranes caused by the influence of allergens. Such chronic disease significantly decreases the quality of patient’s life, has a negative impact on his/her social life, and may result in worse academic progress of children at school and impaired productivity of adults at work, especially if patients have severe forms of pathology. That is why it is very important to find new approaches to treatment of allergic rhinitis. Elimination treatment is an important pathogenic method for treatment and prevention of allergic diseases. 

• Diagnosis of allergic rhinitis must be done with an involvement of an otolaryngologist to exclude anatomical anomalies of intranasal structures and other conditions that contribute to deterioration of nasal breathing. Children’s pharyngeal tonsil should be also assessed. If a child has such co-existing disease as adenoiditis, measures should be taken to reduce inflammation. A respiratory cytoprotector may take the lead in treatment of children with allergic rhinitis and other upper respiratory tract diseases as far as it creates a barrier on the surface of the mucous membranes of the nose and protects against viruses and bacteria. 

• Application of the respiratory cytoprotector based on Ectoin may become a promising trend in treatment of both allergic and infectious respiratory diseases. Ectoin stabilizes mucosa cell membranes, covers them with Hydro-complex and thereby stops harmful impact of aggressive environmental factors upon respiratory mucous membrane. Today there are data about treatment of inflammatory diseases of airways, such as rhinitis, bronchitis and COPD, with Ectoin the efficiency of which was proved in clinical researches. 

• “Breathering” procedure is an innovative physiological care of upper airways. Such procedure is conducted with an inhaler Breather AirOx and solutions for “breathering” Breather Barrier and Breather Treat depending on current stage of disease and patient’s needs. Breather AirOx creates aerosol of medical substance with particles larger than 5 microns that is perfect to influence upon upper airways. In the process of “breathering” procedure an influence is exerted by homogeneous distribution of medical substance over all mucosae of upper airways, so the area of interaction will be larger and it improves the efficiency of treatment of chronic diseases of upper airways. At the same time medical substance is administered not under high pressure but by the effect of natural intake of breath. 

• Rhinitis is a widespread disease both among children and adults. There is a huge number of medicines and methods for management of patients with rhinitis depending on its type and progress. Uncontrolled application of decongestants may cause excessive drying and further atrophy of mucous membrane. A respiratory cytoprotector may take an important place in treatment of patients with rhinitis, as far as it creates a barrier on the surface of the mucous membranes of the nose, protects against influence of viruses and bacteria, contributes to reduction of mucosa dryness when there is a need to use vasoconstrictive agents. 

• Mucous membrane of airways is the principal contact point with an environment and the first line of body defense against various foreign invaders: allergens, toxins, viruses and bacteria. Besides, mucociliary clearance plays an important role in protection of airways against pathogens. As far as we know acute and chronic respiratory diseases are accompanied with destruction of epithelial cells and its dysfunction. So support of natural defense and normal function of airways mucous membrane is a promising direction for treatment and prevention of inflammatory diseases of different divisions of respiratory tract. Inhalation therapy is very important for treatment of inflammatory diseases of airways. The following types may be used for treatment: causal treatment (antiseptic agents), pathogenic therapy (glucocorticosteroids), symptomatic therapy (anti-tussive medication). The respiratory cytoprotection in the form of inhalation used to prevent impact of pathogens on mucosa and to reduce inflammation may become an important direction for protection of mucous cells. 

• Allergic rhinitis (AR) and bronchial asthma (BA) are diseases of inflammatory origin that are usually caused by lack of disease management and control and they greatly decrease the quality of patient’s life and are an important social and economic burden. 

According to international recommendations the disease management and control are the main tasks for treatment of allergic respiratory diseases. Conduction of molecular diagnostics let us at the same time assess sensibilization level; consider cross-reactive molecules; assess possible risks of systemic reactions; contribute to timely prescription of allergenspecific immunotherapy. Ectoin is a relevant medication for fast removal of symptoms of rhinitis and asthma during complex treatment as far as it is highly efficient and has no side effects.

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