Resolution of the online-teleconference "Treating pneumonia correctly: a multidisciplinary approach with a focus on improving the prognosis"

More than 6 000 health care specialists have registered to participate in the Teleconference "Treating pneumonia correctly: a multidisciplinary approach with a focus on improving the prognosis", March 2, 2023, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Within the framework of the event, the leading specialists and practitioners in the field of infectious diseases, pulmonology, therapy and cardiology shared their expert opinions and experience of management of patients with community-acquired pneumonia.

Special attention was paid to infusion therapy in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia.

Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a disease of civilization that is under the close attention of scientists around the world. Protocols and recommendations for the treatment of CAP have been developed, but morbidity and mortality remain at a quite high level.

5 reports were offered to participants for review on the following issues:

  • From creation to international recognition
  • The role of glycocalyx in searching of optimal infusion solutions in pulmonology
  • How to stop pneumonia at the outpatient stage?
  • Intoxication syndrome in pneumonia. Clinical experience of an infectious disease specialist
  • What infusion solution to prefer in the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia?

Conclusions and decisions based on the results of the discussion:

1. In the late 80s and early 90s, the pharmaceutical industry was in an extremely terrible condition: Ukrainian doctors had a limited list of infusion drugs. Such drugs as sodium chloride, Ringer's solution, glucose and novocaine were produced in interhospital pharmacies without any biological control. The scientists faced the task of DEVELOPING A COMBINED POLYFUNCTIONAL HYPEROSMOLAR SOLUTION: which would be quite effective and solve a wide range of clinical problems, the one that would be safe, with the minimum side effects. This is how Rheosorbilact appeared - it is a multicomponent agent that provides multifunctionality in total. At the same time a new feature of the medical drug appears, such as hyperosmolarity that is the sum of osmolarity of all components.

2. Glycocalyx is a protective layer of the internal surface of pulmonary capillaries that contains glycoproteins and glycolipides. The role of the glycocalyx is to preserve the integrity of capillaries and reduce the penetration of fluid from the blood into the pulmonary alveoli. In pulmonology, the knowledge of glycocalyx helps in searching of optimal infusion solutions for patients with pneumonia and other lung diseases, where inflammation and increased capillary permeability occur. By adjusting the infusion dose and choosing the optimal drug administration mode, you can achieve better clinical effect and reduce the risk of complications.

3. Intoxication syndrome in pneumonia is a symptomatic illustration, characterized by general signs of body poisoning, caused by a bacterial or viral infection of the lungs. Usually, the intoxication syndrome in pneumonia is accompanied by:

  • increasing of the body temperature to 38-40°C;
  • a general weakness, a feeling of fatigue and sleepiness;
  • headache, muscle and joint pain;
  • nausea, vomiting and diarrhea;
  • sometimes with convulsions and disorientation in space and time.

Intoxication syndrome occurs as a result of active replication of pathogenic microorganisms in the lungs, which leads to the formation of toxins and other harmful substances that enter the bloodstream.

4. In the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia, preference should be given to COMBINED POLYFUNCTIONAL HYPEROSMOLAR SOLUTIONS.


  • Specially selected substances affect various links of pathological process, providing complex pharmacological action.
  • Rationally selected components provide potentiation of therapeutic action of each component.
  • Allows reducing of the dose of each component separately, compared to their dosage in monocomponent preparations.
  • Reduce the chance of side effects on the body and further complications.

You can download the text of the Resolution by this link.

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