On November 23, the second master class "Cerebral stroke: training on stroke scales" will be held

🧠 Cerebral stroke is a life-threatening condition, which is why it requires quick diagnosis and immediate use of appropriate treatment. 

😮 For every minute of release, the brain loses about 2 million cells, the death of which may turn out to be irreparable. 80% of the consequences after the consultation can be prevented if a timely and high-quality assessment of the patient's condition is carried out using the main tools of a neurologist - stroke scales❗ 

▶️ Learning according to stroke scales can be the key to quick and effective care of patients with acute ischemic stroke. At this master class, you not only understand the importance of stroke scales, but also learn to quickly respond to danger signals with their help in order to prevent unwanted consequences of disability and death. 

👉 We invite you to the second master class from the cycle of the School of Insultology "Stroke from A to Z", where we will update information about the qualitative assessment of the patient's condition and the evaluation of the effectiveness of therapy, which remains the only medical problem in insultology. The master class will be held on November 23, 2023 (Thursday) at 4:00 p.m. 

⭐️ Ph.D. Dmytro Volodymyrovych Lebedynets, member of the working group of the Ministry of Health and National Health Service, member of the board of the NGO "Ukrainian Society of Stroke Medicine", head of the stroke center of the "Feofania" clinical hospital, leading expert in the field of counseling, held the second master class on the topic "Brain and consultation center: training according to stroke scales". 

In total, as part of the cycle of online master classes, 8 blocks of training will be conducted, which will ultimately expand your knowledge and practical skills in this area. For each master class, the participating doctor issues a certificate for 10 BPR points in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated February 22, 2019 No. 446. To receive the certificate, you will need to pass a short test at the end of the master class. 

Only that, as part of the event, there will be an opportunity to talk with the professor and ask him questions. Ph.D. Lebedynets D.V. in clinical cases will reveal the topic and provide practical advice. 

💙💛 Participation in the master class is free! 

Do not miss this unique opportunity to improve your knowledge and skills in the field of practical neurology. Register for a master class from the "Stroke from A to Z" series today! 🔥 


Mandatory conditions for obtaining a certificate*❗ 

  1. It is necessary to register on the event (including through express registration) by specifying Surname, First Name and Patronymic in Ukrainian. 
  2. On the day of the event, go to the online broadcast using the link from e-mail or Viber messages sent on the same day. 
  3. Pass the test. The link to the test is provided during the event and additionally sent to the e-mail address of the participants who joined the online broadcast. The passing level is at least 85 points. 
  4. After processing the test results, a link to download the certificate is sent to the e-mail address specified during registration within a week after the event (please note that the letter may end up in the "Spam", "Advertising", "Promotions" folder). 

* The certificate gives the right to the accrual of BPR points (continuous professional development for doctors) in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated February 22, 2019 No. 446. 

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