IMPORTANTLY! Scoring for participation in the Congress for participants from Ukraine! (updated)

Dear participants and those who are going to become them. We have great news! UkrMedPatentInform (Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine) has increased the number of points for participating in the Congress!

On October 6, 2020, the organizing committee received an official letter from the Ukrainian Centre of Scientific Medic Al Information and Patent Licence Provision (Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine) according to which all participants from Ukraine who will participate in master-classes will receive an additional 10 points. The number of points also increased from 20 to 30 for participants with an oral presentation.

How many points can you get in total?

  1. A participant without a presentation for two days can get a total of 20 points (10 for participation and 10 for a master-class)
  2. Speaker with a poster presentation – 40 points (20 for the report, 10 for participation and 10 for the master-class)
  3. Speaker with an oral presentation – 50 points (30 for the report, 10 for participation and 10 for the master-class)

How to get a Certificate?

Participants without a report (listeners) at the end of the Congress (on the 14th of October) will be able to download the Certificate in the personal account or send it on personal e-mail.

To obtain certificates for participation in master-classes, as well as certificates for speakers with poster and oral presentations, you should contact the Organizing Committee of the Congress (see page "Contacts").

Register! Participation is free

For all questions call the hotline: 0800400405 (calls from fixed and mobile phones within Ukraine are free).