February 8 - master class "Xylitol irrigation is a modern approach in the treatment of nasopharyngitis"

📢 In the midst of the SARS season, we invite you to join the online master class "Xylitol irrigation - a modern approach in the treatment of nasopharyngitis" ☂️

👃Acute nasopharyngitis is the most common disease of both infectious and allergic nature. Every day at the reception, you meet patients with a runny nose, and despite a wide range of means for its treatment, we understand that the problem is not completely solved.

Treatment of nasopharyngitis is complicated by:

  • 🏥The peculiarities of the pathological process, namely, damage to the lymphoid tissue.
  • 🌡️The location of the inflammatory process, which often affects neighboring organs and leads to complications.
  • 🦠 A wide range of infectious agents, in conditions of increasing antibiotic resistance.

The main groups of drugs used in nasopharyngitis have restrictions on age, frequency and duration of use, which complicates the management of the disease.

🔜 Already on February 8, as part of the master class "Xylitol irrigation - a modern approach in the treatment of nasopharyngitis", leading specialists in the medical field of Ukraine will introduce you to a new approach to the management of this disease.

XYLITOL IRRIGATION - irrigation of the nasal cavity with intranasal xylitol, with the aim of reducing symptoms and preventing the development of complications in inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

XYLITOL IRRIGATION - combines two important areas of nasopharyngitis treatment:

  • ☂️Restores nasal breathing, gently eliminating swelling.
  • ☂️ Fights with the main infectious agents of the disease.

📩 Join the master class to receive up-to-date information, recommendations and interaction with leading experts.

📍Our goal is to improve current therapeutic approaches in treatment, providing high-quality and timely medical care to patients.

  • 📅 Date: 08.02.2024
  • 🕜 Time: 15:00
  • 💻 Format: online
  • 🏆 Certificate: 10 BPR points



15:00-15:15 - Introduction

15:15-15:45 - The potential of the intranasal xylitol molecule in the treatment of respiratory diseases

  • 🎓 Mykola Khaytovych - Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Head of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy of O.O. Bogomolets

15:45-16:15 - Xylitol irrigation in the treatment of allergic diseases

  • 🎓 Artemiy Bogomolov - Doctor of Medicine, Professor of the Department of Phthisiology with a course of clinical immunology and allergology at VNMU named after M.I. Pirogov

16:15-16:45 - The benefit of xylitol irrigation in the practice of an otolaryngologist

  • 🎓Diana Tkachuk - otolaryngologist, influencer

16:45-17:15 - Use of xylitol irrigation for respiratory infections in children

  • 🎓 Vira Semenchuk - candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Children's Diseases at IFNMU

17:15-17:30 - Resolution

17:30 - Testing of event participants

💫See you at the master class "Xylitol irrigation - a modern approach in the treatment of nasopharyngitis".

Program in pdf format (Ukrainian)

Mandatory conditions for obtaining a certificate*❗
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  2. On the day of the event, go to the online broadcast using the link from e-mail or Viber messages sent on the same day.
  3. Pass the test. The link to the test is provided during the event and additionally sent to the e-mail address of the participants who joined the online broadcast. The passing level is at least 85 points.
  4. After processing the test results, a link to download the certificate is sent to the e-mail address specified during registration within a week after the event (please note that the letter may end up in the "Spam", "Advertising", "Promotions" folder).

* The certificate gives the right to the accrual of BPR points (continuous professional development for doctors) in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated February 22, 2019 No. 446.

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