More than 30,000 participants – summing up the results of the Congress!

Dear participants and those who wanted to become them! The Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, being the organizer of the 4th International Congress on Infusion Therapy, summed up the results of the event.

The congress was held this year in a new format and was a huge project, which may have become one of the largest scientific online events among the medical community of Ukraine. The key goals have been achieved:

  • Organize and implement a high-quality large-scale online conference
  • Create and present interesting / relevant content about infusion therapy for the medical community of Ukraine and the CIS countries
  • Attract a highly professional lecturer audience
  • Give the opportunity to choose a thematic section and form personal program

Key Congress figures:

  • 30,000+ unique members
  • 100+ speakers from 20 countries of the world
  • 9 thematic sections (streams)
  • 136 reports
  • 9 partner reports
  • 5 master classes
  • 5 panel discussions
  • 1 plenary discussion

Summary conclusions

  • The reports of the Congress were watched by the participants from all continents.
  • The main share of the Congress participants were representatives of Ukraine (81% of registered ones), both in terms of registration for the event and viewing lectures. At the second place were representatives of the medical community of Uzbekistan (13%). Next come participants from countries: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, etc.
  • The most active in viewing reports were anesthesiologists-resuscitators, oncosurgeons and transfusiologists.
  • 1 specialist added on average 25 topics to view.

Top reports of each section by online views:

  • Section of anesthesiologists-resuscitators - Emergency care for life-threatening arrhythmias - over 1710 views
  • Therapeutic specialties section - Challenge 2020: Promising Areas of COVID-19 Therapy - over 1270 views
  • Surgical specialties section - Abdominal Sepsis - over 1170 views
  • Section of obstetricians and gynecologists - Modern pain relief in obstetrics as a component of the concept of "safe anesthesia" - over 1150 views
  • Section of phthisiologists - Experience in managing patients with disease caused by COVID-19. Focus on pneumonia - over 1110 views
  • Poster presentations - The Role of Rating Scales in the Diagnosis of Postoperative Insomnia - over 1100 views
  • Nursing section - Complications of fluid therapy and their prevention - over 800 views
  • Section of clinical transfusiology - Infusion Therapy: The Real Clinical Picture - over 730 views
  • Section of pulmonologists - Infusion and antibiotic therapy of pneumonia in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic - over 480 views
  • Oncology Specialties Section - Early 21st Century Oncology: Elements of Personalized Cancer Treatment - over 380 views

Results of the survey

After the event among the participants was conducted a survey. We have received over 3,400 completed questionnaires! Thank you for your time and valuable information. It will help us to improve our future activities.

Here are some interesting data from the survey:

  • Almost all (93% of respondents) are satisfied with the content of the section with lectures.
  • 72% looked through the reports not only in their section, mostly transfusiologists, phthisiatricians (whose sections was held only for one day).
  • 98% of respondents expressed a desire to take part in the next Congress!!!

Theses are available on the website

More than 80 theses of reports are already available for viewing on the site (in the original language and in English).


Chairman of the Organizing Committee Kondratsky Bogdan Oleksiyovych on behalf of the Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine once again thanks all participants, as well as the general sponsor of the Congress – Yuria-Pharm, for the successful event.

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