PHARM-FOUNDATION 4 - online conference for pharmacists

In the era of medical reforms, electronic prescriptions and Dr. Google is starting to feel like the line between bureaucracy and medicine is blurring.

Now more than ever, it is important to clearly define your role - the role of the pharmacist.

Are we just sellers of drugs 💊 driven by sales plans, or are we experts who are responsible for people's health?

📢 Loud questions need big platforms.

So let's meet on May 1 at 12:00 at the Farm Foundation!

Pharm-foundation about the fact that the pharmacy is not a "place of vacation", but the first line of medical care!

Pharm-foundation that the pharmacist is a qualified expert, not a salesperson.

  • When to "recommend" and when to refer to a doctor
  • Which requests should alert
  • Dispelling medical myths
  • How to "uncover the client" to provide quality pharmacy
  • Psychotypes of customers - how to find an approach to each

✔️Pharm Foundation 4 will be held on May 1, 2024 (Wednesday)

🕔 From 12:00 to 14:30

📍 Online format (YouTube)

💰 Participation is free!

🎁 We will draw 150 prizes among the participants


12:00-12:10 Introduction

12:10-12:30 Customer for life. A pharmacist is a qualified expert, not a salesperson

  • Serhii Hornitsky, director of strategic development and innovation at Pharmastor

12:30-12:50 Heartburn: what to do?

  • Oleksandra Kyrilenko, Ph.D., Doctor of Nutrition, President of the Independent Association of Nutritionists and Dietitians of Ukraine

12:50-13:10 Is it necessary to treat a runny nose and what is the point of 7 days?

  • Diana Tkachuk is an otolaryngologist and an influenza specialist

13:10-13:30 Artificial intelligence in the pharmacy, hype or necessity?

  • Maksym Pukhov, director of the innovation department at Podorozhnyk

13:30-13:50 Vaginal dryness during sex is a problem that should not be kept silent

  • Nargiz Yusifli is an obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive specialist

13:50-14:10 How to prepare for the blooming season? Allergy is not a sentence

  • Tamara Berezna, doctor of medicine, allergist

14:10-14:30 Prize draw

View or download the program in PDF (Ukrainian)

We look forward to meeting you 💙💛

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